Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Plan: Yukon Ho, I'm Going To Alaska!

The cat's out of the bag, and my days of languishing in Fog City are numbered. When last I left off, the plan was to return from Boston to a bike that's packed and ready to go...but to go where? I'm gunning for the motorcyclists dream: I'm riding Alaska. The plan thus far...

Projected departure from San Francisco: Wednesday, April 26th, 2017.

Stage 1: San Francisco, CA → Seattle, WA (~1k miles)
April 26 ~ 28: Camping along the coast of CA and OR.
April 29 ~ May 2/4: Portland, OR to rest and hang out with friends. I'm looking for a place to stay!
May 3/5: Maybe camp in the Olympic National Forest and go for a hike to Cape Alava.
May 4/6 ~ 10: Seattle, WA, last stop for service. I'm looking for a garage!

Seattle will be my last big service stop. Big People Scooters will hopefully have a couple tires waiting for me, and can put some fresh shoes on old blue and check the valves. I'm seeking a well-appointed garage to do the rest of it myself, will trade stories for tools and space!

On May 11th, 2017 it's Yukon Ho!

Here's where the dates get extra flexible. Basically, I have about 40 days to ride where I feel like it!

Stage 2: Seattle, WA → Haines, AK (~5k miles)
May 11: Vancouver, BC. I'm looking for a place to stay!
May 12 ~ 14: Get to Hyder, AK. If nothing else, I can say I set tire here.
May 15 ~ 23-ish: Motor on towards Whitehorse, YT. Perhaps take Top of the World Highway, if the ferry is operating this early in the season.
May 24 ~ June 2-ish: All the stuff you can do from Fairbanks, AK. Possible trip to the Arctic Circle.
Jun 3 ~ 5-ish: Denali National Park.
June 6 ~ 15-ish: Anchorage, the Kenai peninsula, glaciers, old mining towns, rest days...
June 16 ~ 18: Point the bike at Haines, AK. Avoid bears.
June 19: Catch the ferry to Bellingham, WA.

Stage 3: Storage in Seattle, WA
June 19 ~ 22: That ferry life.
June 23 ~ 28: Return to Seattle, WA to rest. Serenity goes into storage, to wait for her next journey.

Bonus Stage: Boston, MA
June 29 ~ July 12: Fly to Peru for a family trip. Yep, you read that right, gonna hike Machu Picchu in moto boots!
July 13 ~ 16: Lammy Jammy in Lehigh, PA.
July 17 ~ onward: Rest in Cambridge, MA. Cuddle the Fred.

That's all for now!