Friday, November 16, 2018

Where's Steph: Winter 2018-19

Here's my itinerary for winter 2018-19. Old Blue won't be with me this winter, but here's to some adventures on foot, or on borrowed/rented wheels! As always, most updated photos will appear on my Instagram, and please say hi if you find yourself in the same part of the world.

Boston, MA → San Francisco, CA

Now - Dec 16: Cambridge, MA.
Dec 17 - 24: San Francisco, CA with Fred!

San Francisco, CA → Hong Kong SAR

Dec 25, 2018 - Jan 2, 2019: Hong Kong, SAR. Hello, family!

Hong Kong → Taipei, Taiwan → Hong Kong

Jan 3 - 5: Taipei, Taiwan.
Jan 6 - 7: Back in Hong Kong. Fred goes back to the US.

Hong Kong → Chiang Mai, Thailand → Hong Kong

Jan 8 - Feb 4: Chiang Mai, Thailand. I'll be staying near Nimmanhemin for that expat life.

Hong Kong → ???

Feb 5: Hong Kong, happy Lunar New Year!
Feb 6 - ???: Hong Kong, Taipei, back to Thailand, who knows?

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