Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Plan(s)

It's snowing outside, and difficult to keep my thoughts from drifting to ride planning. It feels like there are so many moving parts to manage before embarking, but in truth I think I just can't resist tossing and turning ideas over in my head. Riding across country has been on the To Do list for a couple years, but I resisted mentioning it aloud (in case it scared it away, obviously). It's weird to finally break the silence. I just quietly busied myself collecting experience points with shorter journeys, acquiring relevant skills (like 'Camping' and 'Sneaky Parking', still working on the 'Weather Sorcery' skill though), and equipping appropriate gear.

The main obstacle for my proposed departure date of April 22 is the possibility that work on a picture book runs overtime. Read on for the breakdown.