Thursday, January 26, 2017

Gear Talk: It's Cold Out There

Stephs are like onions. They have layers.

It's still January which means most places are chilly for riding, but I had a good discussion of cold weather gear that I'd like to collect here. Much of this is from personal experience, trying out gear for riding through New England winters, in addition to living on my bike. Thus, economy of space, durability, versatility, and comfort of movement are all important to me. For the sake of discussion I'm leaving out heated riding gear – I want to focus on items that bridge the biker-pedestrian gap, and electrics can be its own post.

Anyhow, there's such a wealth of options, I'm always curious what others find works for them. Perhaps you prefer natural fibers, or all synthetic – I say wear both!

So, let's revive the Gear Talk posts and talk cold weather riding gear. Read on for my top picks!