Wednesday, September 3, 2014

9/3 - Natural Playground

For this leg of the journey, I've joined up with Tim (the Giraffe). Sadly, I opted to leave the scooter at his friend's home - the front end wobble is tiring me out, it's first on the list of things to look at once I reach the Bay Area. For now though, I'm taking a break in the rental Dodge Caravan. Car camping time, for a change!


  1. Stephanie, has the wobble gotten much worse? My GTS wobbles but as long as I keep both hands on the bars it's not really noticeable. Time for a tire change?

    1. The wobble has gotten worse since I started the trip. It begins to wobble as soon as I take a hand off the bars, and sometimes will shimmy with both hands on unless I actively apply pressure. It's better once my gear is off, but still present. Handlebars move through the full range of motion without sticky spots or looseness, so I'm puzzled.

      I might switch to Power Pures, or replace the fork bearings. Also, if anyone has a spare front rack, I might like to try it. I just don't like to block my turn signals, especially since the wobble is so bad I can't actually take my hand off the bars for hand signals.