Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Serenity Revived! Summer Plans 2018

She's alive!

I know this is jumping around a bit in the overall narrative, but I wanted to get my summer riding schedule posted for anyone who might want to say, "Hi!"

Suffice to say, Serenity's engine swap was successful, she's all in one piece again, and running great! A huge thank you to everyone who chipped in for the GoFundMe, and Fred for tolerating the grouchy mechanic that is me. Click on to find out where I'm planning to be in summer 2018.

'Chickistan' 2017.

First, some quick backstory: Since we last left off, I returned from family vacay in Peru and mostly headquartered in Boston with Fred. In September 2017, I had the pleasure of being part of a 2-week, all-female motorcycle tour in Pakistan. Led by Moin Khan and Liza Miller (I spoke on her podcast in March 2017), it was an amazing, life-defining experience. Liza and Tiffany plan to ride from California to AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days to give a presentation about our Pakistan trip. I plan to join them, with Anita, Bagel, riding from Boston on Vespas.

Anita in the O.R. in Suriname.

Meet Anita: Born in Groningen, NL, a cardiac surgeon in training with a big heart and a passion for working in developing countries. She's motorcycled in Europe, New Zealand, Australia, Panama, Chile, Argentina, Patagonia, USA, and of course Pakistan where we met. She'll be flying in from Germany and borrowing Fred's black GTS.

Bagel, at Amerivespa RVA after completing his sixth (!) Cannonball.

Also flying into Boston will be Tom, though I know him as 'Bagel': Santa Cruz resident, multiple time Scooter Cannonball rider, resident scooterist on Motorcycles and Misfits, and one of the kindest people I know. His GTS will be waiting for him in Fred's garage, after the 2018 Cannonball and Amerivespa in Richmand, VA. He rode Pakistan with Moin too, but on a VBB in 2015. Definitely check out the documentary about his trip, Scootistan!

Okay, end of backstory. Fast forward to the present.

Bagel, Anita, and I are planning to haul ass from July 4-6, from Boston to the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course in Lexington, OH for AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days (July 6-8). Anita and I will join Liza and Tiffany to reminisce about babyhead rocks and chai trucks at 16,000 ft above sea level on the Women's Traveling Panel. After the party, Bagel continues home to Santa Cruz. However, Anita took 3 whole weeks off to explore the Northeast with me... on Vespas!

As per usual, I've planned it around two-wheeled events. And of course, the maps are rough routes. I'll find the fun ones once we're in the thick of it. The plan is fairly aggressive, but here we go!

Boston, MA → Lexington, OH (AMA Vintage Days)
July 3: Cambridge, MA. I arrive from Berlin, Germany after attending my cousin's wedding. Anita and Bagel also arrive in town. We'll load up the bikes and take off in the morning.
July 4: Amsterdam, NY. Motel, maybe we can see some fireworks at the park.
July 5: Somewhere near Kane, PA. Motel. We're hauling here.
July 6-7: AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days, mini Chickistan reunion!

Lexington, OH → Kingston, ON (Isle de Wolfe Rallye)
July 8: Youngstown, OH. Crashing at Fred's Dad's place.
July 9-12: ??? Riding in the Finger Lakes? Not much planned here. Who's around?
July 13-14: Kingston, ON. Isle de Wolfe Rallye! Yeah, I'm taking Anita to a scooter rally!

Kingston, ON → Brunswick, ME (Ski's Shrimp Run)
July 15: Ottawa, ON. Staying with Jeff, if he remembers that he agreed to it!
July 16: Sporty's Iron Duke Saloon. A biker bar in the Adirondacks where I heard there's free camping if you buy beer.
July 17: Somewhere near Conway, NH. Ride the Kancamagus and Hurricane Road!
July 18-19: Acadia National Park. Camping reserved in advance, fingers crossed for good weather.
July 20-21: Ski's Shrimp Run, at Thomas Point Beach & Campground. Yes, I'm taking Anita to another scooter rally ha ha ha.

Brunswick, ME → Boston, MA + Martha's Vineyard
July 22-24: Cambridge, MA. Resting at Fred's place, exploring the city.
July 25: Martha's Vineyard with Fred and Kyle, if we can swing it.
July 26-??: Return to Fred's, and rest. Possible trip to the Cape, if Anita still feels like riding.

If you're in the area or attending any of these events, please come say Hi!

I'll be resting in Cambridge with Fred, biding my time until August 10-12 for the New England Rally, The Rally of Northern Collusion. Fred and I may be cooking up some riding plans for the rest of August, but that's for later.

See you on the road!


  1. Twas a difficult choice to make (not), you or BaconFest . Glad I chose scoots over Hogs ;-), TMSC cancelled the Bacon run.

  2. Oh, that bike...she's healthy again (and looks it).

    Oh, that rider...she's healthy again (, ditto).

    Oh, yes, the "just works." Seriously.

    Good to see all is in order again, S.