Wednesday, November 14, 2018

It's Been Quiet Around Here, But Change Is In The Air

Hello. Radio silence has almost become the new norm here, but I haven't come to a rest. I have new travel stories, on Vespas even. Here are two bits of news, while those stories take their final form.

Flickr has announced changes to their free service, with a 1000 photo limit. As you may have noticed I host my photos with Flickr, and thus I have until January 8th to find a new home for my albums. It's likely I'll move them to my own server, migrate the blog there as well, and do a site redesign. Unfortunately, the forum threads that I maintain on ADV Rider and Modern Vespa will lose their image links, unless I find an easy way to go back and change every. Single. Post.

Justifying the energy to do this may be difficult with the next bit of news, although ostensibly it's good news: Colleen and I are teaming up again, to produce two full length graphic novels. This should keep me busy until 2020!

We made 6 graphic novels together in the past, in the Guinea Pig Pet Shop Private Eye series.
Now we team up again! Please buy it, in the distant future.

As I stare down another winter in New England, the days I lived on a bike feel so far away it's like another person lived it, and the person here now is only a shadow. But I know there are more roads yet. Book work will keep me busy, but I intend not to let it keep me in one place.

Perhaps the timing is right for a kick in the butt. Old Blue and I have seen more of North America than I ever could have imagined. I've been eyeing another continent for some time now. Perhaps the imminent blog transition can mirror another transition, to further adventures on more continents.

This is code for, I've been doing research on flying Serenity to Europe for 2019.

Fingers crossed. In the meantime, stay tuned for my winter plans.


  1. Flying Serenity to Europe!

    Would shipping it by freighter be cheaper? I think Michael Strauss put his Vespa on a freighter from Italy to South Africa.

    So sorry to hear about Flicker. Steve Williams went to WordPress. There are costs there that Blogger doesn’t have (since it’s free). I’m sure Steve would be pleased to offer some advice.

    There may be a way to export all the images, upload them to another server, and ask the forum admin to do a search and replace (i.e. replace “” with “”

    I wish you good luck in finding effective solutions to all those issues and challenges.

    1. Thanks. I've been meaning to download all my albums and migrate to WordPress anyhow, this was just the push I needed. I'll just use my own server. :)

      Flying from Canada to Europe was ~$1300 last I checked. No waiting. We'll see.