Sunday, June 1, 2014

6/1 - Meet the Artist

We went to lunch at Cafe Alcazar, in the former Alcazar Hotel, now Lightner Museum building. It used to house the world's largest indoor swimming pool, now there's a neat little cafe in the deep end.

134 miles or something today, but was caught in high winds and thunderstorms on A1A - I should really not plan to ride around 3-4pm in Florida.


  1. Your card was waaAaAay cooler than mine. I felt sorry that my mom took one too at first, cause I know those aren't going to be super easy to replace on your journey, but I quickly lost mine so it was cool that she had one to let me have. :)

    It was soo cool running onto you on my day trip with my mother. I'm a tad envious of your lifestyle...but your blog is awesome and allows home owning, 6 kid raising, desk job working, settled-types to experience it vicariously. I showed your blog to my fiance Dauvy when I got home and she was pretty curious too. You've got a new fan, I'll definitely be following along.

    1. Much thanks for kind words, it was cool to meet you too! It hadn't occurred to me to go on a distillery tour while in St Augustine, but it was right there and turned out great. Hope you enjoyed the rest of your trip, and the read along. :) I'm in Miami today, tomorrow: the Keys!