Wednesday, June 25, 2014

6/25 - Playing Catch Up

Overcast and a bit rainy today, so I toured around locally, ran errands, and caught up on work stuff. I stopped by Vespa Lexington for some supplies, and ended up chatting for a while! Mike and Jason are great guys, it was cool to hang out on a low key day. I forgot to take photos for reference though, d'oh. Also not sure why I drew that sign at such a surreal angle. Just have to deal with it now.


  1. Stephanie, it takes longer to record events than to live them. Corporate secretaries are fond of quipping that it takes hours and hours to do the minutes.

    The record is its own reward (and ours too).

    Where in the world are you now?

  2. Hey, Stephanie, awesome trip! Glad you got a positive impression of KY. Mike and Jason are indeed great guys, and Vespalexington rocks!