Wednesday, January 14, 2015

1/14 - VHB Repair

Somewhere between San Jose, Palo Alto, Oakland, and San Francisco, I managed to misplace my Satechi Bluetooth Remote. I use it to easily control music while riding, and occasionally as a remote camera trigger. Since my replacement would need a new Velcro backing anyhow, I decided to replace the peeling Velcro on my scooter handlebars with Matt's suggestion of VHB tape – very high bond by 3m. Photos behind the cut.

A bit of Goo Gone on the old Velcro strip, and my left handlebar plastic is like a virgin again.

Apply the sticky stuff. Industrial strength this time.

The transparent layer between the scooter and 'hook' side is bonded with VHB. Should be good and secure now.

Only time and exposure will tell now. Let the tunes play!

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