Friday, March 13, 2015

3/13 - Baja Head

212 miles.

I meet many new people, but it's not often I get to see repeat faces. I was happy to see Susanne again at Ensenada Backpacker! Solo cyclist extraordinaire and fellow extended travel person, we shared a room with when I first passed through Ensenada. We met some of her Spanish class friends for a night on the town. What a change, from the remoteness of desert towns to the city of Ensenada. I followed Matt, Elisa, and Susanne through the nighttime tourist streets, wide-eyed, feeling like I had come in from the wild.

Also, I had serious Baja head happening from not showering since Bay of LA.

Also also, I've adopted the bandito look of wearing a bandanna at all times on the road. Otherwise, I roll into town with a road dirt beard. It was a few beards before I figured it out.

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