Sunday, March 22, 2015

3/22 - Pocket Nutmeg

152 miles.

Over time, one of the things that happens with extended travel is that I stop putting my life on hold because I'm riding. Riding isn't a vacation for me, in that vacations are usually departures from normal, everyday grind and a chance for people to go crazy all-out spring break style. For me, it is everyday, and I have to find time to work, sleep, and take care of myself while covering miles. I couldn't be happier about this distribution of priorities, though it can be exhausting trying to stay in budget for extended travel time (pah!). Every so often, you just have to toss it all out the window.

What I'm setting up here is that I heard that the my longtime hero, Alton Brown, would be in Tucson, AZ for his live touring show. And Sash and Steve were already in Tucson, with an open couch invite.

Tickets in handheld device, I hit the road. Sometimes, the stars truly do align.

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