Sunday, May 4, 2014

5/4 - Ready to roll

First mobile post!

We're amazingly on mark at superhero HQ! Everything seems to fit into various luggages for the scoot, which is probably too much stuff, and will probably be completely rearranged in a few days. One last trip to the storage unit tomorrow with odds and ends, and I'm Brooklyn! How oddly anticlimatic to have such a drawn out preparation and build up, and the first stop is a place I used to live and still visit often. I realized recently that for the next few months, my keychain will be quite lean. It'll be my lonely scooter and topcase keys, and a padlock key to the storage unit rattling around my bags.

I have such a mix of emotions right now. I'm spending my last night in Providence with The Giraffe at our Sunday night spot, the Duck & Bunny. I couldn't have done it without his help - so many times these past few days my brain simply stalled at the immense, ridiculous task I set out for myself, and he kept hauling, packing, and driving, a couple times with a graciously loaned fantastic old Volvo station wagon. That, combined with the great people at an artichoke party Saturday night (the real reason for delaying departure date, ha!) and well...I'm just glad I deliberately made it difficult for me to back out now.

Between all the melancholy about closing a chapter of my life and leaving friends, I am very, very excited. Good thing I'm exhausted from back to back packing and partying, or it would be difficult sleeping tonight.

Song of the night: Simon & Garfunkel - America

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