Monday, May 5, 2014

5/5 - Cross Sound Ferry

All the two-wheelers were directed to the back corner of the ferry, which meant 6 Harleys...and one Vespa. There's only one road out of the ferry terminal, so the bikes and I rode in formation for quite a ways before individual riders started to peel off. They were just coming home from a weekend ride to RI.

I feel like I say a lot of goodbyes, but that's the nature of mobility. Tears were shed as I parted with my Providence-New London convoy (The Giraffe, once again) and rushed onto the Cross Sound Ferry 10 minutes before departure. At least taking a ferry is a wonderful, lumbering, peaceful kind of departure. I find even modern ferries have a romance to it, akin to leaning out of a train window waving as it chugs out of the station. It's my favorite way to New York City from points north - I've been over the stretch of I-95 from NYC to Boston so many times in buses and cars, I'd be happy to never drive it again. Gratefully, my scooter and I can skip much of that wretched route for $25.32, and enjoy coffee and a sea view the whole way.

Bonus: got a clip of riding off the ferry from my camera.

Also, before leaving the state, I paused in Westerly to try one more RI classic: Bess Eaton donuts. They favor a dense cake-type donut, and raspberry and blueberry was a bit too candy-like for me, but it's one step above Dunkin. I think Allie's light and fluffy donuts are still king, but at least I've tried it. I know these are fightin' words, but my RI donut tour: Allie's in Kingston, closely followed by Ma's in Middletown, Deluise in Providence, Sip N Dip in Bristol (best view), Bess Eaton, and finally...Dunkin. I'd even put Tim Hortons before Dunkin, but they abandoned their downtown Providence location (so now it can be used to give directions, RI style!).

Destination today: Brooklyn, NY. 180 miles. Departed at a leisurely 11:30am, had lunch at The Malted Barley in Westerly, and hit a lot of traffic on Long Island...but for once it did not rain! It was beautiful for riding, and eating outdoors and sharing 1L of beer at local German place. Am now warm and showered and safe at the home of Matt of the cables.

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  1. I'm so excited you are off on your journey! Travel safe and well!