Wednesday, February 18, 2015

2/18 - Colleen is a Rider

181 miles.

Met a rider and blog reader, Colleen, in Santa Cruz for a coffee before continuing south. It was great to break and nerd out over bikes a bit. She led the way through traffic towards Monterey, looking quite regal with her mirrored visor and the upright riding position on her BMW, waving to cars that let us by.

I passed some hang gliders along Rt 1. They hovered motionless on the current off the rocks, the way seagulls do.

The drive down Big Sur was beautiful, I set up tent not far from the coast. My city instincts kept hearing the dull roar of airplanes overhead, but actually it was the king tide crashing on the rocks.

Hello to the road again.


  1. Gjad to see your on the road again great blog. Charlie

  2. Hi Steph,

    You are soooo funny and the cartoon is great! Thanks for stopping by and visiting for a bit. Happy travels! Wishing you adventure and excitement...the good kind, of course!