Wednesday, June 17, 2015

6/17 - Crepes Before Bos

Ed, another member of the Toronto Motor Scooter Club, invited Davide and I for breakfast in his shop. I had no idea what to expect, but I couldn't have predicted this anyhow. Ed has rented the boiler room in the back of a storage unit for years, and converted it into an epic shop-loft-cave. You'll just have to wait for the photos, it's hard to explain. On a hot plate and from a mini-fridge, Ed prepared a gourmet brunch of crepes with a buffet of ham, cheese, strawberries, blueberries, banana, shaved dark chocolate, apricot jam... the list goes on. A renaissance man for sure, he also showed Davide and I some of his old hand-crafted bo staffs. Of course, you can't give us sticks and not expect us to play with them...

In the evening, Wally took us on his own personally crafted scooter food tour. Poutine, Korean food, fried chicken, and gelato and wine in Little Italy for dessert... Toronto is delicious and Wally knows how to eat! He should do more food tours, maybe there's something here. I mean, after the deliciousness of today, I suspect Davide is ready to sew a maple leaf to his 7 Hills patch and open up a Toronto chapter.


  1. Twas nice to have met you 2. Surprised you din't mention Maple Syrup.

    Let me know when you're back in town ...

    Any pics I took were with Davide's camera, so could you copy them to me? Thanks

    bocutter (Ed)

    1. You're right, I forgot the maple syrup!

      I'll ask Davide for those pics, I'd like to see them myself. :)