Sunday, June 21, 2015

6/21 - Classy in Carnegie

78 miles.

I'm feeling a little worn out, my gear is trashed, and I have this nagging, unplaced sense of shame. Yup, sounds like a successful Bandcamp!

The sticky mud did its best to keep us all, but it was time to part ways. Myke stopped by to say bye, but I wasn't quite awake. Davide rolled out early, because he had many miles to cover back to Richmond, VA. Jack and I rode most of the way to Pittsburgh, and chilled at a skate park until he turned north.

Matt just arrived in the city by bus when I caught up with him. I felt a bit bad; I had smelly, muddy boots, my laundry situation was desperate, I was covered in bug bites and found ants living in my helmet (I shook most of them out). But boy, was I glad to see him again.

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