Wednesday, July 22, 2015

7/22 - Rock Collecting

167 miles.

A man at a truck stop just before Woodsville, NH suggested I take the Kancamagus Highway. Very glad I did! The road leading to it, Lost River Road, was beautiful as well. It curves along right next to a river that reminded me of root beer. I stopped to pick up a well shaped river rock for later – I've been riding a bit hard and have a terrible knot in my shoulder, it feels nice to roll it over a stone when I lay down. Mount Washington staunchly denied my CVT scooter access to the summit, but ADV host, BCCMatt, made up for it by taking a fantastic, twisty, steep shortcut to his home (Hurricane Rd).

Tomorrow, I make the final push to Lubec, ME and then it's rally time!

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