Thursday, July 23, 2015

7/23 - This is it

288 miles.

Things seemed to quiet down after Bangor. Just logging and lakes.

This is it. Whatever remaining framework there was to my life, it's exploded now. I honored a commitment I made to myself, though it took nearly 15 months (I'm not sure I've ever even stuck to a diet that long!). I made myself open to people, places, and experiences, and I measure success in the ways they've changed me. Pulling up to West Quoddy Head Lighthouse was monumental, but in a quiet way. It's only one conclusion. I needed a framework to begin, but perhaps I've grown beyond it. Tomorrow, I get back on my bike and keep going. I know the ride isn't actually over, or else I'd be freaking out a lot more.

Lubec itself is quaint in all the New England ways. I booked an actual bed and breakfast, the Water Street Tavern Inn, as a mini celebration. Most of the folks are the bar were older, and talked about power boats and travels to Italy – probably not quite the kind of travel I would picture for myself. I felt a bit out of sorts, but the innkeepers seemed to like my story and were extremely kind and welcoming.

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