Thursday, July 23, 2015

Hello, Lubec, ME.

Found this lighthouse thing right before Canada...

I made it, right on time, and on a beautiful day too!

I struggle to begin to sum up my emotions right now. I have little to no angst, because in no way does it feel 'over'. Tomorrow, I pack up my things, get back on the bike, and keep doing what I was doing before. The day after that, probably the same. I keep riding. And onward, until the next step. I suppose overwhelmingly, I feel free. I needed the construct of visiting the four corners of the U.S. to give me structure to start, but 34,488 miles and nearly 15 months later... I may have grown beyond it.

It's a wonderful feeling. The blog is in no way over either, as I'll be filling in overdue drawings and journal posts. Who knows what's next.

Thanks for following the journey! I daresay to stay tuned for the next...


  1. Stephanie, it's a monumental achievement.

    I am so happy I was privileged to share a small portion of your quest.

    All the very best,


  2. Congratulations....what an epic journey!

  3. Totally awesome journey Stephanie. You Rock!

  4. But seriously, WOO. Now RIDE YER ASS TO CHINA.

  5. Just came across this blog, and being av scooter enthusiast (living in Norway, driving av Honda SH 300i) ) I really appreciate your story and look forward to following your next adventure.