Thursday, July 10, 2014

7/10 - Road Haircut

Having a haircut has traditionally been associated with change and transition. For the same reasons, it felt a bit momentous when I realized my hair was long enough to be a nuisance in my face. I guess I hadn't noticed while I was on the road, because I'd tuck it into the helmet and the the combination of sweat and pressure held it in place. Now that I'm stationary for a while, it was time.

Someone familiar with Asian hair can be tricky to find depending on where you are. Fortunately, my sister had the intel and was also due for a trim, so we made an appointment with her hairdresser. I wouldn't be surprised if she cuts all the Asian hair within a 20 mile radius. Hairdressers are well-connected people, never mess with your hairdresser.

Ahh, that feels much better short.

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