Tuesday, July 8, 2014

7/8 - Working and Working Out

Taking the opportunity of having easy shower access to flex what's left of overlooked muscles. For those curious, I've been favoring Neil Arey for quick workouts without equipment. More about working out (or not) on the road below.

It's funny to realize that last year around this time, I exercised 4x a week (roughly 2x weights, 2x running), plus 2-3x a week martial arts, gymnastics, parkour, and whatever else I got into. My diet revolved around protein and ibuprofen. If I may say so, I was lean, mean, and systematically knocking out personal fitness goals. But it wasn't sticking; the rest of the time, I just sat on my butt at my desk, producing work but mostly disengaged.

I voraciously sought out every affordable opportunity to travel, as escapism but also to stave off the creeping depression that happens when disengaged for too long (there are only so many hours I can train each day before it becomes detrimental). By September, I realized I'd spent as many nights away from home as in my own bed.

This feeds into why I began shifting my priorities to paring down, saving money, and taking the big risk of making this trip a reality. Why not just hit the road 'permanently'?

Unfortunately, travel doesn't play always well with training. I miss growing as a martial artist, the rhythm of my school/gym/community, and the physical confidence that comes from honing your body. It's weird to 'take a break' from being an athlete. I'm not even sure what the concept of 'permanent' versus 'just on pause' is for me anymore. But it's okay - like training, there's no sense in doing the same thing hoping for a different result. I'm still figuring it out. I'm softer now that my priority is the road, but I'll do a few sets of push ups when I can, and hit the shower.

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  1. Stephanie, perspective in life is everything.

    I am very different from you. In some ways opposite.

    I'm a male, 60's, held a mostly stressful office job that continues to consume more than 60 hours a week and has done so forever, I am not an athlete, married, with three grown kids around your age.

    That's fairly opposite.

    I see you and admire your life. I see a talented artist, accomplished author, fellow rider, a very brave person who has the guts to really live life, taking chances. The result is someone I want to emulate.

    I need to shift gears so my wife and I can live a happier more fulfilling life. A freer life. A life where we do what works for us, rather than slaving for others. At least most of the time.

    It's everyone's fate to decide how to spend our limited time, and constantly struggle with our choices, as time passes. Some are content to let life happen to them, or travel well beaten paths.

    The very best things I have done came from taking chances.

    I see you taking chances. I also see you struggling with your present and your choices, like many of us, maybe most of us.

    From my perspective, you're doing just fine.

    Right now, I need to be more like you and take some more chances.

    Thanks for sharing your adventure.