Saturday, November 1, 2014

11/1 - Trying on Bikes

123 miles.

Met up with Peter to poke around the IMS. Alas, the bikes I had interest in did not have a demo fleet. Many drool-worthy motos, though. It was amazing to be able to "try on" so many bikes back to back; you get an immediate sense of contrast between various seat heights, weight distributions, handle bars styles, and positions for foot pegs. I feel like in a way, a bike should fit like clothes – comfortable, tailor for small things, but definitely has to work with your body much more than with a car. I wouldn't want to ride a bike with (figuratively) sleeves too long or a permanent wedgie.

A quick stop in Oakland to feed and water Clover the cat, and I was off to Fairfield to meet up with Rod (rodr on ADV) for the evening. He and his wife, Lucy, are a riot! Tomorrow is a big day of riding.

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