Wednesday, November 5, 2014

11/5 - Jim and Quin Lin

56 miles.

Met up with Jim (hdawg on ADV) today! His younger daughter came along to meet me. At first I thought she was merely embodying the typical highschool sophomore aloofness, but it turns out she had just completed an 8 mile run and was hungry. Well now, I totally get it. I am beyond unsociable when I'm hungry.

I had a fantastic time talking rides and bikes and travel with him, Margaret, and their older daughter Tai Lee. She's already considering her first bike (currently she takes the Vespa around). I can only imagine how my parents would have reacted if I even had an interest in a motorcycle license at that age... I hope they know how cool their parents are, though I understand it's the way of things to find your parents the least cool people in the world. We had a fantastic roasted chicken dinner and chatted into the night. I had a great time poking around Santa Cruz and meeting Jim's family!

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