Sunday, November 16, 2014

11/16 - Bonnie Bonneville and the Dirtbags

Pete offered to let me take his Bonneville today to check out the Dirtbag Challenge. He took my Vespa just in case I didn't like the Triumph, but no worries there.

What a blast! It took a few blocks to reacquaint myself with motorcycle mechanics, but after that I think I was riding around with a huge grin the whole time. That is one hot bike, way overkill for the city, and conspicuous in a way I'm completely unused to. It purrs beautifully. And it was surreal to pull up alongside my own Vespa and hear the familiar turn signal beep...coming from next to me.

Also, Dirtbag Challenge? My love for ratty bikes is reignited, and I've never seen so many burnouts in one place. Just follow the plumes of smoke and smell of burning rubber. Lots of fun today!


  1. I think that the Bonneville would be my choice if I decided to get a motorcycle.

    1. I loved it! However, I found myself wishing everything was just sliiightly smaller. Short world problems.