Monday, November 17, 2014

11/17 - Perfect Cap to a Cool Ride

Long ride back to SJ today, via the ever lovely Skyline Boulevard. I wondered whether my scoot would feel lacking, after spending all day holding back the beast of a Triumph. It was certainly not the case. Scoot was comfortable as ever, even the little plastic rattling parts it's developed over the miles. Switching back to twist and go was a bit of a relief in the city, though I did miss that feeling of immediate connection from a shifter. However, I'm used to my tiny wheels and short, flickable wheelbase. After so many miles together, I have a connection to my Vespa. Twist and go or not, I know exactly how it sounds, where it picks up, how to make her move with me.

Also, soondubu, a delicious spitting cauldron of savory lava, is the perfect warm-up meal after a cool ride. The roads don't get old, but (even in California) they can get kind of cold.

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