Tuesday, October 14, 2014

10/14 - Cafe Indulgences

Just exploring the neighborhood cafes by foot today. Lisa had a note recommending the 'Italian croissants' at Adesso. I've never had one before, which of course meant it was bakery adventure time. On the menu they're called 'cornetti', with the option of plain or a filling (grape jelly? Sure!). Verdict? OM NOM NOM. Pillowy and subtly sweet, it shares a crescent shape but is distinct from the flaky and buttery French croissant. It was immensely satisfying sinking my teeth into its sweet, tender bread-flesh. Is that creepy? It's one of my favorite qualities in a breakfast item - breaking the soft skin of a breakfast burrito, the slight resistance of fluffy eggs sliding against teeth. Flavor is delicious, but I'm also a textural eater.

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  1. Heheheheheh it sounds like you had the same response to the cornetti as I did! Which is to say... mmmmmm, bread-flesh. Teehee. I've been tempted to get those every day but I do manage to resist. Most of the time.