Monday, October 20, 2014

10/20 - Climb On

Finally! I'd only been wishing I had signed up weeks ago, but was waiting on my cousin because he wanted to go in on a 2-person plan.

Sometimes, I feel envious of those to whom happiness seems to come so easily. In my adult life, it has always been an uphill struggle. The fight has led me to places I couldn't have predicted - a decade of martial arts experience, somersaulting and aerials on trampolines, climbing three stories high indoors, learning to ride a motorcycle. Taking a scooter across the country. I learned quickly that arranging my priorities unconventionally makes me a target for criticism or misunderstanding ("You spend so much time just playing around," "When you settle down..." or the straightforward, "You're crazy."), but for me...well, it just takes more work to keep my head above turbulent waters. It was never optional, and it is work, but it keeps me functional and contributing to the world.

Perhaps the struggle is key though. It could be fighting, riding, climbing, or whatever. It's the drive to stay engaged, improve, and retain compassion that matters. Complacency is the true enemy.

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  1. Fist bump to you on this post and your thoughts.