Monday, October 27, 2014

10/27 - It's my birthday and I'll ride if I want to

As of today, I've survived 30 revolutions of the earth around the sun. I was asked often what I had planned for this supposedly special day. I guess I spend most of my time trying to be involved with awesome, fun, engaging people and activities that this one day out of the year wasn't much different.

After all the flying trapeze the day before, I enjoyed a peaceful ride into Oakland for lunch with Lisa (California weather spoils me). I poked around the city for a chill coffee spot to draw, and followed it with some Indian street food. The evening was capped off by fancy pants cocktails at Paper Plane. I miss friends who are geographically far, but many took the chance to say hi, which surprised me and meant more to me than before I hit the road. Tomorrow, I'm excited for a new climbing partner and my second aerials class ever.

And that's all for today!

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